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My developer portfolio website showcases a blog CMS created with PHP, SASS, MySQL, and Figma. This project brilliantly embodies my technical prowess and attention to detail. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including robust CRUD operations that ensure seamless content management. The aesthetically designed dashboard, crafted using Figma and brought to life with SASS, offers an intuitive interface to interact with the site's features. It also integrates an in-house analytics system, providing insightful data about user behavior and site performance. One of the distinguishing aspects of this CMS is the built-in notification system that alerts me of new contact form submissions and comments, ensuring constant, effortless engagement with my audience. The underlying database architecture, handled with MySQL, facilitates efficient data management and quick retrieval of information. This blog CMS not only stands as a testament to my skills as a developer but also serves as a dynamic platform for sharing insights and engaging with visitors.

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